About US

The Canada China Council for Cooperation and Development (CCCCD),

established since January 1997, is a not-for-profit national organization in


The aim of the CCCCD is to nurture better political, cultural and business

relations between Canada and China.

We have been acting as a synergist for Canadians and Chinese, individuals

and businesses alike, to exchange and promote their expertise, technologies,

products, and services to each other.

The world has entered into a new cold war. Like the previous one, this cold

war will have an adverse impact on the peoples of the countries directly

affected and the world at large. Armageddon will be the result if,

deliberately or accidentally, the cold war turns into a hot one.


Large sections of humankind are already faced with huge issues of

joblessness and homelessness, inequality and poverty, lack of proper food

and healthcare, of militarism and wars, the ravages of the Covid-19

pandemic and, towering above all, catastrophic environmental degradation.


Countries, instead of forming hostile blocs, need to have relations that are

peaceful, mutually beneficial and based on respect and non-interference in

each other’s affairs.


The CCCCD believes that Canada’s unfriendly relations with China harm

the interests of both countries and are unnecessary.


The CCCCD will work to provide objective information about China, to

promote cooperation in political, cultural, social, educational, scientific and

environmental fields, and work to improve the bilateral relations between

our two countries on the basis of peace, equality and mutual respect in the

best interests of the peoples of both Canada and China

The Canada China Council for Cooperation and Development, through its

members and partners, will work hard to achieve the above goals with

integrity, mutual respect, and compassion.