Free Ms. Meng for Canada


全球请愿: 加拿大应当立即、无条件地释放孟晚舟女士






Canada should End the political trial of Meng Wenzhou immediately and release her unconditionally

We, the undersigned, call on Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada, to immediately end the extradition hearing of Meng Wanzhou currently under way in Canada and release Ms. Meng unconditionally.

It is now clear to the world that an innocent civilian is being held, without justification, as a political bargaining chip. Any remaining doubts on the legal aspects of this matter have been clarified by the new evidence presented by her legal team recently showing there is no foundation for the USA’s extradition request.

In July 2021, astonishingly, the presiding judge disallowed the above-mentioned evidence. This has once again proven that the Meng case is nothing but political.

Continuing this extradition hearing brings discredit on Canada’s legal system. It fuels tensions to no useful end with China, one of Canada’s most important trading partners and long-term friends. When combined with US aggressions against China, it increases the risk of war; and it foments anti-China sentiment and anti-Asian racism in Canada and elsewhere.

The Canadian government should end this clearly political trial and detention, and restore friendly and cooperative relations with China for the sake of world peace and common good of mankind. 

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